Donald Garner, Doctoral Candidate/Adjunct Professor-Fordham University

Donnie is a native of Houston, Texas by way of Ocala, Florida.  He graduated from Florida State University (FSU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology as well as a Double Master’s in Social Work and Public Administration also from FSU.  He worked for the Florida Department of Education in the Office of Dropout Prevention as an Educational Consultant.  In this capacity, he developed strategies with colleagues to improve academic performance of some of Florida’s lowest-performing schools, used school to prison pipeline research background to improve program and policy outcomes for commissions such as the Social Status of African-American Men and Boys (FL), and provided statewide and district trainings on parent-involvement capacity building.

For several years, Donald has been committed to using his educational background to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, particularly formerly incarcerated individuals.  As a Prison Reentry Director for Reclaiming the Land, Incorporated, a Tallahassee-based nonprofit dedicated to providing comprehensive reentry services, Donald worked with numerous stakeholders to assist individuals in finding employment and housing along with mentors to aid in successful reintegration into their communities.  Donald also serves as a mentor with the Children of Promise NYC; a Brooklyn-based organization whose mission is to provide social support for children of incarcerated parents.Donald attends Fordham University as a doctoral student and research assistant with the Beck Institute for Religion and Poverty in New York City.

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