Roshell Rosemond, Chief Beauty Officer-Liquid Courage Cosmetics

Roshell, the daughter of two Haitian immigrants, is one of three children. Roshell has over 10 years of strategic sourcing and supply chain experience, including inbound/outbound logistics as well as raw material sourcing, that spans multiple disciplines & industry segments.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-native has worked for several Fortune 100 companies including Apple, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. Roshell has a diverse balance of mastery across multiple disciplines and industry segments in the private and public sector.
Roshell is the founder and Chief “Beauty” Officer of Liquid Courage Cosmetics, a cosmetics company offering a wide array of cosmetic products such as lipsticks and lip lacquers for the modern and upwardly mobile woman.
Writing is one of Roshell’ favorite pastime. As a contributor to the Huffington Post and Chief Content Creator at, a destination blog hub for career, entrepreneurial, and wealth building advice, Roshell draws on her 10+ year experience in Corporate America and current entrepreneurial ventures to offer her readers fresh perspective on the in’s and outs of entrepreneurship and money matters.
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