Imagine – three days from now, you will give the most important presentation of your life. The most important people in your life will be in attendance. In those three days, you will use all the information available to you develop the presentation and practice it. You’ve created a “visual loop” in your mind of how great your life will be after this presentation. Those important people in your life will be so impressed by your hard work and preparation. Presentation day arrives and, just one minute before you are to walk on stage, you learn that 90% of the information you have to present is incorrect. You now have just 60 seconds to change it before you give the presentation of your life. Good Luck!

The example above is an extremely simplified description of what happens when an individual invests their time, money, and mental energy to prepare for a successful return home… with limited access to relevant information. Without a doubt, some individuals will be able to “ad lib”, but not without a cost. Technology changes, job opportunities change, and so does society, in general.

Pentorship’s vision is to create products and services that prepare individuals to be flexible, creative, and critical thinkers who thrive beyond “fixed” paths toward their goals.


A myriad of broad social issues affect the people we make products and services for. Mass incarceration, access to quality education, and the technology divide are just a few of them. While all these factors influence our vision, we believe that the best way to close the gap between incarcerated people and the better opportunities that await them is to listen to those who are in the trenches as we develop our products and services.

As we’ve evolved as a company over the past few years, we’ve listened to stories from people who have been incarcerated, incarcerated people’s loved ones, social workers, and potential employers of those who were previously incarcerated. Our vision is to address three major challenges that span their experiences: fragmented populations, products that lag, and disengaging learning experiences. We believe that by creating great products and services centered on these three areas, we can create value for our customers and contribute to the eradication of the broader social issues. 

A Fragmented Population

Contrary to popular belief, people’s incarceration experiences vary quite a lot. If you were to meet ten different women and men who consider themselves to have been incarcerated at some point in their lives, they would describe their experiences in more than five different ways.

We believe people deserve more than circumstantial options when it comes to the learning products they can use during as they turn their lives around. Providing these expanded options involves creating products that people can access despite location transfers, housing changes, facility shakedowns, and unexpected early releases.

Products That Lag

Individuals are flooded with materials from private institutions and career-training companies offering opportunities to study for a specific trade, typically with a guarantee that a certain skill set will guarantee employment. These are great for people who will be released very soon. However, for others who have more time left before they return home, these opportunities could prove less valuable to them once they get back home. Labor markets can change their course offerings and materials much faster than some institutions can.

As we see it, closing the gap between the incarcerated and new opportunities for them requires the development of educational products and services that evolve frequently enough to reflect the outside world.

Disengaging Learning Experiences

Statistics show that when a person enrolls in an educational program (academic or vocational), the chances of him or her returning to prison are reduced by 13%. Unfortunately, completion rates still hover just under 70% for a large number of these programs.

Our philosophy is that people should be excited, engaged, and confident in who they are becoming during new learning experiences. We’re building products that will inspire people to complete the other academic and vocational courses made available to them at their facilities.

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