It's pretty difficult for anyone to navigate a fast-paced world with outdated information. So why are we still building irrelevant tools for the people who have the most to catch up on? Pentorship makes innovative, relevant, and accessible educational products for the incarcerated.

 Tools To Reinvent The Will

Pentorship is an educational products and services company aimed at providing skills-based training and tools to incarcerated persons to better prepare them to interact and thrive in a technologically-adept society. Our mission is to reduce recidivism amongst returning citizens by offering innovative, relevant, and accessible products and services that truly reflect the state of society in which an individual is returning.


Engaging products that prepare individuals to be flexible, creative, and critical thinkers.


Learning content that constantly changes to reflect the opportunities and obstacles of the outside world.


Products that people can access regardless of their physical and geographic location.


SquareUp is Pentorship’s flagship product and foundational course. It’s not your typical  business management introductory course. It provides foundational knowledge for using entrepreneurial thinking to build a career, a business, or both.

One of the coolest features of SquareUp is the real world feedback participants receive on a couple of their key assignments. Find out more about how SquareUp gives dreams and goals a fighting chance.


We know your type; and that’s why we need you. You’re ambitious, energetic, and committed to making an impact on society. Sometimes you have to decline opportunities simply because of the time commitment. Join Pentorship’s team of SquareUp Advisors. We do things differently at Pentorship by providing busy business professionals the opportunity to engage in rewarding work in the most flexible way possible.

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